Why it would be beneficial for me and those around me if I were to become a WAG

Before I start, please let me make it clear that I am not a money grabbing ‘ho’e. I AM A STRONG, INDEPENDENT, WOMAN. However, I’ve taken a lot of time to think about this, weighed up the pro’s and con’s, and I think that me becoming a WAG really would be for the best.

Here are my 10 reasons why.

1. First and foremost, I think it would significantly reduce the likelihood of me being a grumpy bitch.

2. Can we just discuss how ideal the position of WAG would be for someone moderately OCD, such as myself. I can categorically state that I would make a fantastic housewife – If I’m bored I’ll manically clean, and (given the money) I go through baking obsessions. A bathroom so clean its a slip hazard and the smell of freshly baked bread – what more could a man want?

OK. I can’t confirm that the bread will be baked by me. I mean, I’ll try, but failing that I’ll definitely pick some up from the local boulangerie. Or Tesco’s.

3. It would boost my career (not the WAG one, the acting one)- look at Posh, Abbey Clancey, and Colleen Rooney – and I can actually act.

4. I actually like Football.

5. I don’t need the offside rule explained to me using various condiments. I’ve already learnt a really good shoe buying analogy from Kiss DJ, Charlie Hedges.

6. I’m really good at dressing myself, and I’d be even better at it if I had an unlimited clothing budget.

7. Similarly, I’m a moderately good driver. My driving skills would definitely be improved if I was behind the wheel of a Merc.

8. I embarrass myself enough to cover up any embarrassing footballer’s cheating situations.

9. Who doesn’t want a hot bodied boyf? (Ok, Ok, I know some people don’t, but I certainly wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth).

10. Finally, and this is something that I’m sure my friends and family would resonate, I think it would significantly reduce the likelihood of me being a grumpy bitch.


Just a little word about trolls

I’ve just experienced my first troll!

Someone just commented on my ‘About’ section:
“Sorry but your eyebrows are just awful”

Here's me being a brooding actor!

The offending picture!

Funnily enough, I couldn’t access this ‘persons’ profile or blog. It’s a good job I have to approve all comments, because I’m not prepared to let that sort of negativity enter my world!
You should know, I deliberately try not to write anything too provocative so as to avoid any trolling backlash. Additionally, I try to keep my posts positive where I can, because I believe positivity breeds positivity.

make up

Feel free to have a… brows!

I do not have time for, nor do I tolerate, trolls. It baffles me how people have the time to purposefully be mean to someone, particularly about how they look. I like to live by the saying:
“If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all”

Let’s be nice to each other where we can, and spread some positive vibes (,man!)!

And that’s all I have to say on the matter.


Check dem brows!

So long as you’re happy with the way you look, who cares what anyone else thinks? Except your mum, your mum (mine at least) is always right (FYI, my Mum hasn’t said anything about my brows!)!

And if you’d like to know what I think about my brows, here’s a post!

Peace out 🙂 x


I leave you with… brows!

Love Little L

January Glossybox Drop

New Year, New Glossybox, and what a box!

image (4)

This month’s Glossybox

As I’ve said before, I really think Glossybox have listened to their customers and upped their game. To start off the year on a good foot, subscribers received 5 full sized products – and 5 very usable products at that!

MeMeMe – Eye Line Pencil in Clay

image (29)

Its all MeMeMe!

I do like a good eye pencil – they come in so handy, they fit in your bag, and they’re a great item for emergency touch ups – so to receive one in my Glossybox was an instant win. Everyone received the eye pencil in Clay because
“it suits all eye colours” 
I’m not sure what I think about using brown on my waterline, but I shall certainly give it a go, and I think it will compliment my new MAC grey eyeshadows.

image (30)

Alternatively, this may be a back up brow pencil!

I tried it on my skin and it does glide on easily as Glossybox tells us on the product card, and it seemed to last well on my skin, so I have high hopes. I’ll update you on how it looks on the waterline, I hope it compliments my green eyes!If all else fails this will make a good back up brow pencil!


Nicka K New York – Colorluxe Powder Blush

image (3)

Wait for it!

First off, can we just have a word about the UH-MAY-ZING packaging on this product? Not only can you access the blusher in its powder form in the bottom compartment, you can applying it directly by patting it on with the powder puff under the lid, and the lid has a mirror on top – ideal for on the go touch ups!
Glossybox suggests applying:
“to the cheek bones… in order to quickly lift the face”
Which I will certainly try in the summer. Unfortunately for me, the hue of this blusher is a bit too pinky for my liking – I usually go for peaches or bronzier, contouring shades. However, this is why I think it will be perfect for a flush of subtle colour, and I’ll test this theory when I’m holiday in Antiguaaaaa next month, when I shall be trying to minimize my make up use (because what’s the point when I’ll be tannin’, sweatin’, and swimmin’?).

image (32)

So nifty!!

If the colour really doesn’t work out for me I’ll empty out the blusher and use the compact as a handy mirror in my bag and for keeping bits and bobs in (like my jewellery when I go to the gym). The mega packaging possibly outweighs the colour, for one time only!

FULL SIZE € 8.95

Jelly Pong Pong – All Over Glow

image (23)

HIGHLIGHT of my day!

Big fan of the highlighter! I’ve known for a while how good iluminizers are for highlighting cheek bones or eyebrows, but since I’ve got into contouring I have to have a highlighter on standby!
We’re told that:
“This brightening gel is great for problem skin (as its oil free)”

Which is of course a bonus to all! Having said that, don’t fret, this product isn’t dry and is still lightweight on the skin.

image (27)

Just a little, not a lottle

WARNING! You only need the tiniest pin prick of an amount for good coverage – I’d say a minuscule blob will highlight one cheek. The micronized pearlescent pigment is a more golden shade than usual highlighters, so it will be great on nights out or when you’re sunning yourself abroad (did I say I’m going to Antiguaaaaaa?!)!


Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics – Revitalizing Face Toner

image (25)

A refreshing toner from Kueshi

LUUUUUUUSH FULL SIZE TONER! If only I still had the full size cleanser from a previous Glossybox, then my whole cleansing and toning routine would be nailed.
The toner contains:
“a soothing blend of calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera to calm and rehydrate skin”

and this combination certainly pays off. To apply, saturate a cotton pad with the toner and sweep across cleansed skin, the toner will remove any excess dirt and grime (yuck!), and after a few minutes you’ll feel a flush of freshness. Definitely a goody!

FULL SIZE, €10.70

Naked Lips – Organic Lip Balm Superfruits

image (24)

100% organic = win!

Last, but by no means least, is this little hero – probably one of my all time favourites from Glossybox. This product is 100% organic, and whilst this doesn’t normally bother me either way, what’s in products really interests me, and the fact that there’s no nasties is a massive bonus!
The balm is packed with
“oils from some of the world’s most anti-oxidant rich fruits and berries”

and it tastes like sweets (I’m gonna say: Love Hearts to be specific).  The moisturising balm isn’t dry or waxy, and leaves lips feeling, if anything, a little wet (in a good way!). I just wish the feeling had more staying power, like the recent Burt’s Bees lip gloss. I will definitely be purchasing a new one when this one runs out.


A box that totals around £33 is not the most expensive box I’ve ever received, however, its still over double the cost I paid, and for products that I will genuinely use! Some absolute finds in here, particularly the Naked Lips – Organic Lip Balm Superfruits, and I’m looking forward to incorporating Jelly Pong Pong – All Over Glow and MeMeMe – Eye Line Pencil in Clay into my looks.

What did you like (and loathe) in this months Glossybox?

Love Little L

I’m a Dryathlete!

No, no, I’m not doing a TRIathlon – I’m giving up alcohol for the whole of January!


I first undertook Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon in 2014, as 2013 was a bad year and subsequently my drinking had gotten a little bit too heavy. Giving up alcohol for the whole of January 2014 gave my liver a rest, gave me some head-space, and allowed me to look at alcohol differently. In giving up alcohol for the month I managed to raise a fantastic £244 for Cancer Research thanks to the donations of my lovely friends and family. This year, I would love to reach £250!

Today, renders me a halfway hero in this years Dryathlon Challenge, although I have actually been dry since the 28th December. Now, giving up alcohol for a month is just a case of mind over matter, and last year I found it easy. This year, however, I can’t stop dreaming about alcohol – I keep dreaming I drink alcohol by mistake! I don’t have a problem, promise… only 2 and half weeks until I can taste the sweet, sweet, nectar of fermented grapes again… mmmmmmmm….

More often than not you will have been affected by cancer in some way, be it directly yourself, a family member, a friend, or simply your favourite celebrity. In the last year, however, cancer has had a bigger impact on my life, from family friends struggling with the disease, and in some cases tragically passing, to my Grandad’s own cancer scare. The biggest impact sadly was the devastating passing of one of the staff at East 15. Tina was one of the most caring, kind, polite, funny, helpful, and motherly people I have ever met, and I was truly shocked by her death. So for the most part, this Dryathlon is for her – and that is why you will find the T in my text code.


If you’re reading this while you’re out for a drink and you’re tipsy enough to sponsor me, perhaps sponsor me the cost of your favourite drink? Or maybe you need to do your good deed for the day? If you would like to sponsor my Dryathlon, please visit my JustGiving page or text LJWT89 £1 (or 2,3,4,5,10) to 70070. I really do appreciate all the donations I receive, as I’m sure does the fantastic charity it goes to.

If you’ve already sponsored me I can’t thank you enough.

2015 really is the year of fundraising for me – but with a challenge! I’ve just entered into Cancer Research UK’s Pretty Muddy (which looks so much fun!) and I’ll also be running the Blacklight Run for Kidney Research UK and Asthma Research UK (more of those nearer the time!).

Will you be doing anything fun or challenging for charity this year?

In the meantime, only, 1…2…3… 16 more days to go until I can have a tipple… and payday, how convenient!


Love Little L

Why I’m Loving… These hero buys!

In short, here are the make up products I’m loving that have seen the transition through from 2014 to 2015!


Well, eyebrows actually! If you read my blog post about my love for big brows you’ll know that I’m a fan of MAC’s brow pencil. However, I’ve found a cheaper alternative that I actually prefer! Available at Superdrug, the B.Groomed Eyebrow Kit is a brow pencil, brow wax, and brow brush all in one pencil – fairly similar to most on the market. Available in 3 colours, blonde, hazel, and brown, its likely you’ll find a colour close enough to your own brows. The pencil glides on easily – its not too waxy so the colour applies straight away and equally doesn’t rub off with the slightest touch. It, of course, doesn’t have the staying power of MAC, but at £4.19, a third of the price of my MAC pencil, you can afford to reapply once or twice a day if you’re a phantom face rubber! What I actually like about this product is the colour picks up the fine hairs on your face, so rather than looking like you’ve used a ruler to draw your brows on, it gives the impression of naturally shaped brows – winner! I don’t use the brow wax because I don’t have enough natural hair to be tamed, but the brush attached to the lid does come in handy to shape the natural brow. Go and buy INSTANTLY!


Again, you know I’m a fan of MAC Lips, I literally can’t get enough. My new fave though is a MAC Lips lipliner lipstick combo. It makes such a difference in defining the shape of your lips, and like Kylie K, can help to cheat a bigger pout with careful contouring. My current favourites are on either end of the scale – combing MAC Lip Liner in Soar and Lips in Faux to create a subtle nineties vibe – apparently these are the shades Kylie uses to cheat her plump pout – using a darker liner to contour the lip. This is a great every day look which can be worn with anything. What I really like at the moment though is the darker, wintery shade, which instantly make me feel more fabulous! I combine MAC Lip Liner in Currant with MAC Lips in Diva for a sexy, dark, defined lip. Shading the liner further on to the bottom lip creates an ombre effect, which basically looks lush. I’ll certainly be investing in more lip liners on pay day to compliment my ever growing collection.


Currant lip liner with Diva lipstick – POUT!


What have we learned? Its all about the contour!! Now, I’m not very artistic, so trying daring make up looks is a little terrifying for me. The Sleek Face Contour Kit, available from Superdrug, is fantastic for contour beginners. It comes with 2 shades – the dark contouring colour and a pinky highlighter, so no need to find a million different shades of make up. The nifty compact also has a mirror. With the kit you receive instructions to show you how to contour your cheeks, face, and nose – so you really can’t go wrong. This product is subtle enough to wear during the day and then transitions into night if you really go to town with it for a night out (I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere).


The Sleek Face Contour Kit doing its thang!

What are you’re beauty saviours?

Love Little L

December Glossybox Drop!

Happy New Year! Again, apologies for the tardiness, but after the busyness of life I let myself have a little break. But here we are, a rather belated December Glossybox review.

Another seemingly good Glossybox this month, with 4 full size products, and all 5 of the included items seemingly useful!

Bellapierre Cosmetics – Cheek and Lip Stain


This product is described as a
Handbag hero
And I can see why. It’s neat size slips easily into any bag. The creamy formula applies easily and is subtle. However, the shade is a bit peachy for my pale skin, I would have preferred a pinky hue. My MAC make up tends to last me all day and I’m a girl of habit so in honesty, I’m yet to fully road test this product, but it will remain in my bag for emergencies.

FULL SIZE, 5g, £12.99

TRESemmé Renewal Hair and Scalp – Nourish & Renew Tonic


I do love to get full size hair products because I don’t often treat myself to hair products, quite honestly I don’t have much of clue when it comes to hair!
This product contains:
Tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil
To, as the name says, nourish the scalp and renew the hair. The nozzle applicator makes for easy application of the cooling product. I haven’t seen much different in nourishment, but my scalp does feel cool and refreshed after use. With lots of products on the market I wouldn’t buy this one, but I will continue to use the product while I have it, and for a purse friendly price it’s worth a punt if your hair needs a lift.

FULL SIZE, 150ml, £5.50

Anatomicals – Zap! Zap! Zap! Gets That Chap. Day and Night Spot Stick


By far one of the best products I have received in a Glossybox! This spot stick came just in time as I grew a cracker of a spot on my forehead (one of those ones that sits under the skin and never comes to a head), so I could really give this product a good go. The product has a day and night formula to:
Work on spots all day long
Sadly, my day side of the stick broke and I lost all the product! But after emailing Glossybox they swiftly sent me a new one AND a Rimmel Bronzer (which I’m yet to try). I’ve seen negative feedback about Glossybox’s customer service but it was certainly good for me. After using the night formula on my spot, my spot cleared up in a flash. Plus, the box’s packaging is fun and quirky with a superhero theme – definitely my hero buy! At a bargain price with great success, I will be investing!

FULL SIZE, £3.79, 7ml

All That Jazz – Professional Nail Lacquer


Hmmmmm, Glossybox! Another nail varnish! As you know, I love doing my nails, but there’s only so much I can take! On a plus side, this full size nail varnish is a sweet pearlescent sparkle which can be worn on its own, or as top coat to Jazz (see what I did there) up another colour. I’m not a huge fan of pale colours but this one is versatile.
As I’ve had my nails done I’m yet to see if the lacquer is
Hard wearing and long lasting
So watch this space. With so many nail varnishes on the market I’ll be interested to see what their range is like, and see if it is worth the near £10 price tag.

FULL SIZE, £9.98, 15ml

SkinPep – Hydra Boost – Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum


This face and décolletage serum contains:
Clinically proven cell communicating ingredient Hyaluronic Acid
Is hypo allergenic and alcohol and perfume free. I like the fact that it doesn’t feel chemically, it almost feels like applying thick water to your face. It’s great to apply when you and your skin is feeling tired (or hungover) as it gives a refreshing feel. Having said that, I prefer the similar H2O+ product I received last month.

Sample Size, 15ml
Full Size, £24.99, 70ml

So, there we have it! Another month, and again, another box of useable products- I think Glossybox has listened to customer feedback and improved.

November Glossybox Drop!

Apologies, apologies, APOLOGIES! For my tardy post. To find out why I’ve been so quiet recently, read this post!

Aaaaanyway! A pretty good effort on the Glossybox front this month, I can officially confirm I have used every product in the box, and there’s only one that I genuinely think – What’s this for?

glossy box nov

Glossybox Booty!


So, without further ado (because you’ve already waited long enough), here’s what’s in the box.


glossy eyes

Leopard Print for Cats Eyes!


It was revealed that we would be receiving this product before the box came out, and I thought Hmmm, that’s annoying, I’ve just bought a MAC one! However, this retractable pencil makes a great day time alternative to my glittery MAC number.

This eye pencil

“Contains Vitamin E with anti-ageing and anti-radical action.”

It is smooth to apply and doesn’t irritate, so I would say the above is working well. It lasts on the skin pretty well, I use it on my waterline and barely have to reapply, which is a great bonus! I really like the pink and gold leopard print packaging too, which gives it a bit of a luxe feel. Additionally, no sharpener required!


Burt’s Bees – Lip Shine

Buzzing for Burts Bees!

Buzzing for Burt’s Bees!

I don’t really use glosses, as I prefer Lipsticks (see here), but I have heard great things about Burt’s Bees. If you like a gloss you won’t be disappointed with this product.  I received the Lip Shine in the colour Blush/Roughe timide, which gives a really subtle, barely there colour, but giving enough shine to create a plumping effect. As the colour is so slight, this product might work well over matte lipsticks to give them some shine (I’ll try it out).

The gloss is
“Enriched with moisturising Apricot wax”

And you can feel the moisture as the gloss slides on. What I think is great is that the gloss isn’t sticky and is really long lasting – I applied it before a yoga class yesterday and it stayed on throughout the hour and a half. Their is a slight sweet taste/fragrance which isn’t too sickly, but not necessarily to my liking – possibly apricot?  I would definitely recommend this to any gloss lover, however, I’d have rather have received a Burt’s Bees lip balm (not that they were available!).

FULL SIZE, £6.99

Umberto Giannini – Miracle Worker

glos hair

Workin’ Miracles?


On my product card this hair treatment is labelled as ‘for you’, I did have to wonder why as the product is described as able to transform

“the most dry, frizy coarse hair”

Which I do not have.  However, as I’ve always wanted to try Argan Oil, which this contains, I thought I’d give it a go. I applied this product to wet hair, and left my hair to dry naturally as I’m trying to avoid blow drying it. I was pleasantly surprised with how silky and smooth my hair felt when it was dry. The only downside is the product can leave my hair feeling a bit heavy and slightly greasy at the roots. A great full size product from Glossybox too!


H20+ – Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

My New Fave!

My New Fave!

JUST WHAT I NEEDED! I have these blasted lines on my forehead (because I have such an expressive face, obvs) and under my eyes, and they really distress me.

The Face Oasis Hydrating Trreatment
“Delivers deep hydration while minimising the appearance of fine lines”

I have noticed a difference on application, my lines aren’t fine so I don’t expect miracles, but I hope by continuing to use this I will see a more long lasting effect. Despite its £27.50 price tag for 50ml, it might be worth the investment. It also feels quite cooling as its a gel, so it great for soothing under eyes after a long day.

Sample Size
FULL SIZE, 50ml, £27.50

MONU Skincare – Refining Capri Facial Oil

Gingery and Warming = Autumnal Facials

Gingery and Warming = Autumnal Facials

Now, this is the product where I thought, What’s this for?

This product is described as an

“Invigorating facial oil to balance oily skin and decongest pores”

Perhaps the fact that I don’t have oily skin is why I don’t understand this product. It smells great – gingery- and it feels luxurious and warming when applied, however,  I don’t feel any benefit to my skin. A bonus while I have the product though is that it does feel like I’m giving myself a facial. However, I won’t be investing in the product.

Sample Size
Full Size, 100ml, £26


Since receiving November’s Glossybox I’ve continued to use every product – even the Facial Oil, which is a first! Well done Glossbox, a top notch box totalling over £25 (not the most value for money box, but I’ve not calculated the sample sizes in to this). Based on this month I can’t wait to receive December’s – I hope its Christmassy!

I saw some great hair products in other Glossyboxes – how was yours?

Love Little L

Edith Cavell Is Behind My Blogging Silence

I apologise for my lack of blogging of late, I’ve been super busy!

As you know, as well as working full time, running my blog, and going to the gym, I’m also a freelance Actor, Singer, and Voice Over Artist.  Last Christmas I started working with a company called Musicality who perform seasonal gigs across Norfolk in the run up to Christmas. I’m pleased to say I’m working with them again this year, and rehearsals started way back in October! This year, we kicked off our gigs at Chapelfield Mall’s Christmas Light Switch on. It was a great evening and we put smiles on lots of people’s faces. The reaction from the crowd was brilliant and elicited smiles, clapping, sing a longs, dancing, and even jumps of surprise! Rehearsals and performances are regular, and I even have an entire solo song at one of this year’s gigs, so singing is taking up a lot of my spare time. You can find us on Facebook , Twitter – @MusicalityNRW, and Soundcloud 

In addition to this, I’m recording an Audiobook! I’m working for American author Terri Arthur who wrote the book ‘Fatal Decisions: Edith Cavell WW1 Nurse’. Its a story that has become very close to my heart as Edith was raised in Norwich and Swardeston and is buried in Norwich Cathedral. Edith went on  remarkable journey, and showed incredible selflessness. I would encourage you to go and read about her, particularly Terri’s retelling. Even better, wait until the audio book is published and listen to me telling it! Its a very big project and is taking up any spare moment I have – I’m even having to book some time in my brain to go Christmas shopping (Black Friday FYI)!

Edith, with her two dogs Jack and Don

Edith, with her two dogs Jack and Don


Despite my busyness, I assure you that I want to get my blogging back on track, and soon I will be posting up my November Glossybox review and a Hack! And remember, I’m still running my give-a-way as soon as I get to 50 followers!

Love Little L


Hack Monday- Hack #3 – Turn Your Glossy Lipstick Into Matte

Apologies for the missed hack! I did attempt to do this last week and then the pictures didn’t come out well, then I got ill! I’m still ill and the pics still aren’t clear enough so I shall try to take some more in day light!

This hack takes you from having one lippie to two! You can’t go wrong!

Here’s what you’ll need:

A lip scrub or primer- not essential but it will help



Your favourite glossy lipstick


4 of my fave glossies, Cherry Glaze, Verve, Rebel, & Violetta

Loose Powder


Control that shine!

Here’s how to turn your fave glossy lipstick in to your fave matte lipstick!

(Again, apologies for the pictures, I’ve got a stinker of a cold and no other make up on! ‘Mare! I will try to update them soon!)

First prime your lips. I’ve used the Etre Belle Lip Peel to scrub away any dead skin and to leave my lips smooth and plumped.


Prep & Prime

To make your lip colour really stand out you can now apply a little concealer or foundation to the lip, but I skipped this step.

Next, apply your glossy lipstick.


I used my Autumnal fave – Verve

Now, apply the loose powder (I used Seventeen’s Miracle Matte Loose Powder) on to your lips. I find sweeping the powder across the lip rather than dabbing creates the matte effect without lightening the colour.


Apply with a sweeping motion (apologies for chipped nails!)

If the colour has lightened up too much apply another layer of lipstick and then the powder again.


Voila! Your lips are Matte!

I have found the 17 powder does lighten the colour of the lipstick a little possible because it’s got a slightly fleshy colour, next time, I’ll try to find an even more translucent colour.


The results with Violetta (top), and Rebel (bottom)

I love matte lips so I will definitely keep practising this look, and it creates that 90s vibe that’s still knocking about. However, I don’t think the powder I used is the best one for this.

I found the tutorial by @beksays_ on Instagram really useful, and her video is much better than my pictures!

Have you tried this Hack? Let me know if you found it effective!

Love Little L

My Holiday Haul… and some!

I think rediscovering my credit card pin is one of the biggest mistakes of my life… or triumphs.

When I was in Ibiza it was virtually essential that I came back with some European wears – it would be rude not to!

Ibizan Shopping!

Pull & Bear

Ok, so this brand might be knocking about the UK, but there’s not a store near me. It had a very boho/rustic vibe, here’s what I picked up…



I’ve been after a tartan/plaid shirt recently and liked the contrasting pockets on this one which is a little different. There’s also some fringing on the back which is fun. I like wearing this as a jacket as opposed to a shirt, particularly over a black dress, tights, and boots.


I saw this faux suede number on a mannequin just as I was about to leave the store, I didn’t even try it on properly because I was to afeared of navigating myself to the right changing room. I like to style this with a belt as its a bit of a sack dress, and with my big booty its not necessarily flattering. Cinching it in with a belt, however, turns it in to more of a fit and flare, and I’ve received lots of compliments that way. I’ve been teaming this with bare legs and black boots for a boho style. An added bonus is the pockets (which you can’t see)  on the front – I love a good pocket!


I’d not heard of this brand before but I am very chuffed I found it in Ibiza town, a little bit like H & M it had some fab items, I could have spent a fortune.


I have a feeling this denim jacket is going to be a staple of mine for a long time. The acid wash denim biker cut combines so many different fashion wins. I love wearing this with simple black, be it a dress and boots, or jeans, a vest, and flats, to really let the jacket do the talking


Monochrome faux fur is so in right now, and when I tried this long gillet on I really couldn’t resist. I love the length, the pockets (love me a pocket), and the fabric is so soft… I CAN’T STOP STROKING MYSELF. Ideal for keeping warm, but I need to invest in some basic long sleeve tops to wear it with.


When I passed Kiko I thought it was essential to pick up something to see what the hype was about. I would have liked to have purchased something from their Ace of Diamonds range but I didn’t want to spend too much money.


I read that purple eye make up makes green eyes pop so after much deliberation I picked this purple liquid liner. Its really easy to apply – even easier than my usual MAC kiquid liner, the colour is strong but not to bold, and it lasts all day. Make up win.

I wish I’d have picked up these amazing make up remover wipes in Kiko – they were ridged so worked like an exfoliant  and removed make up so quickly.


I was in the need of a new pencil eyeliner, which I should have just got in duty free. I saw Rihanna’s Viva Glam Lipstick in a pale nudey- gold colour, I should have got it because its sold out in my local MAC- Doh!


I like that this black eye pencil, in Black Swan,  has a little glitter to it, so its a little different when applied to my waterline than an ordinary black liner. As usual with MAC, it has good staying power too.

The Hard Rock Cafe – Rock Shop



I couldn’t resist picking up a new badge for my jacket, it was the whole reason I ventured in to Ibiza town on my own!

Hippy Market

I couldn’t go to the Hippy Market and not come back with something you couldn’t get on the UK high street. As well as picking up a leather wallet for my dad and a pair of amethyst  earrings for my mum, I came home with these:



This bracelet is made of brass, I believe, and the stones are moonstone. The metal is maliable so you can reshape it to fit.



I picked up this bracelet as it matches a necklace I own, cute!


Back in the UK

I think I have a shopping problem boarding on Kim K’s level.


I haven’t had a new pair of glasses in 4 years, my old ones had got so scratched they were unbearable to wear. This toirtoiseshell pair are Ralph Lauren from Vision Express and cost me £108 which is actually a bargain. I find it difficult to find fashionable glasses that suit me, but I’ve quickly fallen for these!



My new staple for winter is black and muted. I know its a well known fact, but this colour palette is just so flattering, and it allows me to play around with my make up a bit more. This outfit is perfect for work and play, and works well as a complete outfit or as separates. I love the fit of this skirt, the zip front is playful, and I think the jumper with its necklace detailing is rather sophis!

Skirt, Top, both New Look.


For Halloween a few of my work friends and I went to Cursed (a scare event, ooh heck!) in Essex and then for a night out at Circuit (which used to be the Buddha Lounge) in Romford. Any excuse for a new dress, which happened to coincide with the latest drop from Nicole Scherzinger X Missguided. I love backless dresses and they come far and few between, so I’ll probably pick this one up in Oxblood too, just in time for Christmas parties. I did have to get my mum to alter this by taking the spaghetti straps up, as I don’t fill the front (barely there boobs).


To finish the look, I wore cobalt blue block heels from Primark, and chunky silver bling – rings, Topshop, earrings, New Look.



After a year in the same gym clothes I thought it was a time for a refresh, and something a little more fashionable. These leggings, crop tops, and muscle shirts are all from H & M. Their sports range is comfortable and supportive, and a much more reasonable price tag that the usual sports brands, worth checking out!

So, I think I have a spending problem… Next up, winter clothes!

Love Little L